All of our food is freshly produced every day on the morning of its arrival to you. We take extra special care over each and every item to make sure they are of the highest quality, using the finest, freshest ingredients.

Our sandwich vans come freshly stocked with sandwiches, baguettes, bagels, wraps, salads, pasta salads, (the list goes on!), in the fridge section and a number of different items in the oven, ranging from bacon and sausage baguettes to homemade sausage rolls, gourmet pies, full English breakfasts and a different hot meal on a daily basis. We try to be lead as much as possible by you, our customers, because at the end of the day you know what it is that you like! We like to vary our menus as much as possible throughout the year to keep things seasonal and exciting.

Due to the fact our food is freshly prepared each morning, we are able to very easily cater for any special orders/dietary requirements you may have. Give us 24 hours notice and we can cater for any special requests.

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